Story #29

The draft blew through the door. It was freezing. One of my  friends lie near the door, frozen to death. The rest of us shivered, our teeth chattering in the cabin.

“How long until the rescue team will be here,” Marv asked.

“They were supposed to be here 2 hours ago,” Jackie chimed in. “It’s useless. We’re stuck here.”

I looked at them and nodded towards Tom’s dead body. “What should we do with him?”

“Nothing until the rescue team comes,” replied Marv.

Suddenly, one of Tom’s fingers twitched. I thought I was daydreaming until his hands started moving. His eyes fluttered open. He started to get up. We all screamed.

“We have to kill him, too,” Jackie yelled.

Just realized I hadn’t written anything so this idea popped into my head at 11:55pm. Four minutes later I was done. Tomorrow should be better.


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