Story #21

“Look at them. All they’re doing is staring at their phones. Worse date ever, am I right?” Jack looked up to see his darling girlfriend doing exactly that – staring at her phone.

“Mhmm,” she replied, barely registering what Jack said. The waitress came by their table and greeted them with a smile.

“Hello, my name is Jane and I’ll be your waitress for tonight. What would you like to drink?”

Amanda, Jack’s girlfriend, said, “Water” without even looking up from her screen. “Actually,” Jack began, “two waters and a bottle of your finest wine, please.”

Jane’s smile widened. “Must be a special night. I’ll have that right out for you!”

Jack cleared his throat to get Amanda’s attention, but it didn’t work. He made goofy faces until he felt stupid. He told her things that weren’t true to grab her attention. Amanda was fixated on her phone.

“Can you please put your phone away for tonight, please? I have something important that I want to talk to you about.” Amanda let out a huge sigh and tossed her phone in her purse. “Fiiiine,” she agreed.

“So how was work today, honey? I feel like we’ve barely had a chance to talk.”

“It was good,” Amanda retorted. She was being short with Jack because she wanted to be on her phone and Jack could tell. He was especially anxious because tonight was a big night for him; well, for them actually. Jack wanted to propose. He had already contacted the restaurant to make arrangements. He and Amanda would have some fancy wine, a fantastic meal, and end dessert with a proposal. It was going to be perfect.

Jane, the waitress, brought out the wine and  empty glasses, along with the water. Amanda stared blankly at the bottle as the waitress poured. When Jane left, Jack decided to make a toast. “How about we toast to us?” Amanda threw on a fake smile and said, “To us.” They clinked their glasses and sipped their wine.

Dinner went on as planned; although, Amanda felt distant to Jake. He noticed that she wasn’t talking with as much animation as usual and she barely touched her food. Before the waitress came with the dessert, Jack asked, “Is everything okay?”

Amanda looked directly into Jack’s eyes and said, “I want to take my phone out.”

“Seriously? You’ve been upset all through dinner because I asked you to out away your phone?” Jack was annoyed, but not surprised. Amanda always got into mood swings like this. Even though he didn’t like her when she acted this way, he was prepared to spend the rest of his life dealing with it.

“You know that I handle business on my phone. It’s not just that, Jack.”

Jane came out with the dessert: two slices of chocolate cake. On top of Amanda’s was a diamond ring. She was staring so hard at Jack that she didn’t even notice. Jane waited a few seconds for her to look down. “Is there anything else I can get for you two?”

“No,” Amanda replied, still staring at Jack. “Just the check, please.” Jane shook her head, unsure of what to do next, and left the table. “I think we need to break up. We’re just on separate pages in our lives and my wants are different from yours.”

Unable to control his emotions, Jack began to tear up. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes. Goodbye, Jack.” As Amanda got up, she looked down and noticed the ring on top of the cake. “No thank you.” She walked away without turning back to look at Jack. Hot, angry tears rolled down Jack’s cheeks. He quickly grabbed the ring, wiped it off, and put it in his pocket.

I hate this story. I’ll try to come up with something better tomorrow. *sigh*


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