Story #20

The light bothers me. I can’t sleep at night. The light keeps me awake and my nightmares turn into day scares. Nobody believes me when I say that I literally can’t sleep. It’s been over 24 hours, but I know the light is coming for me again.

The first time I told my story, which was to my parents, they thought that I was losing my mind. My father believed that I was on drugs and my mom offered to pay for me to see a psychologist. I shouldn’t have even told them the story, but I needed someone to talk to. More than anything, I needed someone to believe me.

When I told my story the second time, it was  to my best friend. Unfortunately, all those days in college of smoking and hot boxing led him to believe that I found the best drug around and was holding out on him. It was useless. If the 3 closest people to me didn’t believe me, why would anyone else?

I knew that they were watching me. The light kept toying with me. It was only a matter of time before my body would shut down and force me to sleep, wherher my eyes were open or closed. I think that’s what they were waiting for.

Tonight, I’m locking myself in my room. It won’t stop them, but it will hold them off. I suppose the time has come for you to know my story. I don’t think I’ll be around for long to tell it to anyone else.

I was sleeping, or at least I think I was, when I heard loud banging from the kitchen. My immediate reaction was to hide under my sheets, but I knew that was foolish. I tried to call 911, but my phone blinked “No Signal” in the top right corner. Someone continued to rummage in there, seeming not to care about the amount of noise they made.

I attempted to quietly get out of my bed…but it creaked. The noise in the kitchen completely stopped. Silence rang in the air. I heard footsteps stomping down the hallway, as if the person was running, and then a rapid pounding reached my bedroom door. Unable to hold my shock, I yelled “GO AWAY” as loud as I could. The banging continued along with intermittent twisting and turning of the door knob.

I lived on the 3rd floor of my apartment, but I still thought the best thing was for me to jump out the window. I ran to my window and began to unlock it as fast as I could. The person started to throw all of their body weight against the door. Once I threw open the window to jump out, the person knocked the door down. I jumped. Pain shot up my legs. I knew that I couldn’t walk.

Suddenly, light flashed in my eyes. Three dark silhouettes stood over me. I raised my hands to shield my eyes and identify who they were. Before I knew it, they stuck me with needles in my arms and legs. I don’t know how it was possible, but they did. My whole body went numb.

When I woke up I was in an empty room with a huge stage light pointed directly at my face. Small red dots covered my arms and legs, proof that I wasn’t losing my mind. Surprisingly, I was able to get up and walk. Next thing I remember I was back at home. All the lights in my apartment were on, shining in my face. I was terrified.

It’s 11:58pm now. I know they’re waiting for me to fall asleep. I know they’re watching. As soon as I close my eyes, I hear rummaging in the kitchen.

Had to stop. Almost missed my one a day story. Bye!


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