Story #16

I woke up with a monstrous headache. What even happened last night? I rolled out of bed and grabbed my phone. It was dead, of course. I needed to see what damage I caused this time, so I plugged in my phone.

First, I looked at the texts. I sent about a dozen to my ex and the rest were to random guys in my phone. Only one person responded, asking if they could still come over. Typical. Next, I looked at my Snapchat story. Audio that was too loud to  distinguish boomed from the speakers, along with flashing lights and me making out with some guy. There were actually about 5 different guys throughout the night, according to my Snapchat story, that took a little more of my pain away through each of their empty kisses.

My head was throbbing. I set my phone down and walked to the bathroom. My body was aching, especially my legs — most likely from too much dancing. When I looked in the mirror, I was still wearing my clothes from last night. Vomit was caked on my top. I smelled like a brewery. My eyes were bloodshot and sagging from the lack of proper sleep.

Peeling off my clothes, I tiptoed into the shower. There was still vomit on my chest. The warm water hit my digusting body and it felt comforting. As the water ran down my body, tears ran down my cheeks. Before I knew it, I was bawling. My body convulsed as I blubbered. Snot began running from my nose and spit dribbled down my mouth. I laid down in the fetal position at the bottom of my tub. The water pelted my skin and ran down my body.

All I could think about was him, my ex. It had been a few days since we broke up, but we hadn’t talked since then. I went out every night and met someone new every night. They never stuck around though. The last of my sobs escaped from my jagged breathing. I sighed and continued to lay there. I was single again.

Breakups suck, basically. I finished this story with 5% battery left. Score! I’m back and summer is officially in session.♡


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