Story #14

Melissa didn’t know much about love, but she heard that it’s like drugs. The same feel good chemicals that become stimulated in your brain from drugs are identical to the ones you feel from love. She read this somewhere once and found it hard to believe. She had never done drugs and she had never been in love. Frankly, she thought that she could live without both of them. This love thing had never been her cup of tea.

While walking to her car parked in the company garage, she felt uneasy. The cool, night wind blew through the openings of the garage. All she could hear was the clacking of her heels, but it sounded louder than usual. She stopped every now and again to make sure she didn’t hear anything else. The silence that reverberated in response was much louder than the noise of her heels. She knew that she should be alone, but she felt like she was not.

As she approached her car, the only car in the parking garage, Melissa felt a whoosh of wind blow past her. She quickly turned around, gripping something inside her purse. When nothing happened, she quickly unlocked the car and hopped in. She slammed her car door behind her and started the ignition. Her lights automatically flicked on as she put her car in reverse. She set her car in drive and immediately slammed on her breaks.

Standing in front of her car was a gorgeous man. He was very tall and built. His eyes glistened in the headlights. He wore a button-down shirt with the first 2 buttons undone. Melissa could see his nicely framed pecs peeking out and his muscular arms bulging from his rolled-up sleeves. He smiled and his teeth seemed to sparkle. Melissa was stunned at how attractive he was, but she had encountered many men like that before. She put her car in park, keeping on the headlights. She opened her door.

“Hello, Melissa. It’s nice to finally meet you,” the man said.

“Enough talking. What do you want from me?”

“My name is Emilio. I want to bargain with you. If you end the killing of my people, then I will grant you your life. If you do not, then I will mount your head above my fireplace like a trophy.” He grinned after he said the last bit.

“Then I guess I’ll have to kill you,” Melissa replied.

Before she could whip out her weapon, Emilio swiftly ran up to her and grabbed both her wrists. “You’ll have to be faster than that if you really want to kill me,” he said with a voice as smooth as leather. Before he ran away, he kissed Melissa on the cheek. Just like that, he vanished. Melissa stood there, bewildered at what just happened. She had never missed a vampire. Ever. She had been trained since the age of 14 by her father who was also a vampire hunter, before his heart was ripped from his chest in front of her eyes. Why had she hesitated? She knew what he was before he even spoke.

That night Melissa kept tossing and turning in bed. She couldn’t stop thinking about Emilio and what he said. Why was he on her mind? By the time it was 6am, Melissa had just began to fall asleep. Her alarm blared on her night stand. She rubbed her eyes as she walked into the bathroom. There was a note attached to the mirror.

It was lovely meeting you tonight, even if it wasn’t so lovely for you. Meet me after dark at the Lakewood Bridge. Leave your weapons at home. I don’t want a fight, just dinner.



Melissa smiled, then immediately turned it into a frown. He was probably going to attempt to smooth talk her again. If that didn’t work, he was definitely going to kill her. Once night fell, she began to get ready. She decided to wear a loose dress and hide her gun in her thigh high stockings. She wore combat boots to hide her dagger. Lastly, she applied the only makeup she owned: mascara. Her outfit was complete.

When she pulled up to the Lakewood Bridge, Emilio was already there. The wind was blowing just like the night before. His shirt was halfway open just like the night before as well. The wind blew open, exposing more of his muscular chest. He was gorgeous.

Melissa opened her car door and strutted toward him. He stared at her intently. He didn’t look impressed and he didn’t smile. “It’s nice to see you again, Melissa.” Her heart dropped. She was expecting more. She wanted him to smooth talk her and toy with her feelings a bit. It would’ve been fun. “Likewise,” Melissa frowned.

Suddenly, Emilio  darted towards Melissa and wrapped his arm around her waist. “You did exactly as I asked, right? No weapons?” Melissa smiled. “Just as you asked,” she replied. Emilio ran his hand up her thigh until he felt her gun. He tightened his arm around her waist. “You lied.” He yanked the gun from her thigh highs and opened the chamber. No bullets.

“I want you to trust me, Melissa. The last thing I want to do is hurt you.” Emilio let go Melissa’s waist and turned his back to her. He began to walk toward the edge of the bridge. Melissa slowly bent down and pulled the dagger from her boot. She approached Emilio. “I want to trust you, too.” Just as he turned to face her, she plunged the dagger deep into his heart. His hand reflexively grabbed her neck and tried to tighten its grip, but it was useless. It wasn’t long before he died.

Melissa frowned. She was hoping to get the high of love and have those chemicals fill her brain; although, she knew the truth deep down. She could never love a vampire.

I don’t usually write vampire love stories or anything like that. I enjoyed Twilight when I was in middle school, and despised it when it suddenly became popular while I was in high school. I do, however, stay up to date on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Klaus for life.


One thought on “Story #14

  1. You’re such a GOOD WRITER. Once you start reading you just wont more. Have enjoyed every story so far. Got to catch up and read the ones that I missed.


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