Story #12

This story is one that’s been told since the beginning of time. Martin needed to get off his ass and find his calling. He liked everything, but loved nothing. Some things made him curious, but most things did not. He was a recent graduate with no prospects in any sense of the word.

Martin spends his days gaming and eating crappy food. He lives with his older sister, who happened to be successful. His parents always assumed Martin would achieve as much as his sister, but they were polar opposites. She cleaned while he made messes. She worked while he slept until 12 in the afternoon. He just didn’t seem to care.

One day, his sister gave him an ultimatum. “It’s about time for you to leave, Martin. You’re in your late-20s and still have no idea what you’re going to do with you life. I want a life, but I can’t have one with you staying here. You have two months to find a job and move out.”

Martin’s sister always said things like this; although, this time she looked like she meant business. Martin sighed. “Fine, but can we make it 3 months?” His sister’s face turned red. “Absolutely not! You’ve been here for 5 years already. I understood why you needed a place while you were in college, but now you’re out and it’s time to GET OUT!”

The next day Martin began the job search. It was incredibly difficult. The best jobs needed experience and the worse ones wouldn’t hire a college graduate from Berkley. They wanted high school dummies. After 30 minutes of looking, he gave up and played GTA. He needed to take a load off.

When his sister came home and saw him plaging video games, she yanked the PS4 cord out of the socket. Her eyes said it all. Martin immediately hopped back on the job search. Again, he found nothing and became frustrated. This would take weeks. He needed a high paying job.

Two weeks passed and Martin had nothing, so he decided to get into shape. He was already slightly lean, he just didn’t have any muscle definition. The day before times up, Martin applied for a job at a strip club and became the best male stripper in southern California. He even had the chance to cosplay characters from his video game and strip them down to nothing. He became successful in his own way.

I just needed to write something before midnight. This is my least favorite story that I’ve written. Check out Atory #11, it’s way better. Good night, world.


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