Story #11

“Say Yes to the Dress? More like say yes to the patriarchy. Why do we, as women, watch shows like this? The show always has women who are judged by their close friends and relatives as to whether or not a dress looks good on them. Why can’t these women decide for themselves without wondering if everyone else will like the dress? They don’t have to wear it! ‘That one makes you look too hefty,’ one mother criticizes. ‘I want this dress, but I promised my fiance that I’d get a tight, sexy wedding dress, too. He doesn’t like the big princess type dresses that I like,’ one bride-to-be frets. What are we showing our young girls? That it’s okay to purchase a $5k dress as long as everyone else likes it, especially your future husband?”

I stopped reading the article at that point. I didn’t care because my big day was less than six months away and I still needed to find the perfect dress. My fiance, Michael, was everything you could want in a partner.

He was loving. I didn’t mean to hurt you, babe. You know that I love you. He was thoughtful. Since you didn’t tell anyone, I bought you a diamond necklace. You’re so perfect. He really cared about my well-being. Shit, I’ll drive you to the hospital. We need to get our story straight. Most of all, he was honest. Nobody will ever love you as much as me. I couldn’t have asked for a better man.

The best thing about Michael was that he left everything up to me. He let me use his credit card to buy everything we needed for the wedding. The guest list was up to me along with the wedding venue, reception venue and caterer, and the cake tasting. He didn’t have to lift a finger. Can’t you tell how wonderful he is?

Unfortunately, his only request was that I don’t invite my mom to the wedding. He didn’t blatantly  say that though. I just told him that my mom wanted to help me plan.

“Maybe that’s not a good idea,” he said with a concerned look on his face. “She might take over and the wedding will become her vision instead of ours. You don’t want that, right? Also, she’ll just criticize you the whole night. I thought it would be more special without her.”

He was absolutely right. She was also really nosey. She’d ask about the love marks from Michael or point out that I didn’t seem like myself. She just doesn’t understand how wonderful our relationship is and that’s the last thing I wanted on our big day. It’s supposed to be special, like Michael said.

After an extensive amount of planning and confirming and planning some more, it was only a few weeks before the wedding. Everything was perfect. Everyone envies Michael and I, ya know. We are the perfect couple. Last night was a little scary though.

Michael came home a little drunk. I just had a few drinks with the guys. I was lying on the couch when he bent down to kiss me. You didn’t kiss me like you usually do. We argued for awhile before he stormed into the room and passed out. I don’t care if you cry because I know everything will be better tomorrow. He really hurt me this time.

When he woke up the next day his eyes were bloodshot. He saw the love marks. Those will heal in no time. He made me breakfast in bed and made passionate love to me afterwards. He had to leave for work, but he left his other credit card so that I could go shopping. The best part is I have no limit this time. I can buy as many clothing items as I want. He’s so perfect.

Before I knew it, the day before our wedding was here. I was anxious because I was about to marry the love of my life. Nobody could love me the way he does. We spent the evening out with his closest friends. We drank too much and partied too hard, but it was a lot of fun. When I woke up on our wedding day, full of bliss, Michael wasn’t home. I called his cell phone and it went to voicemail. I prayed he wasn’t hurt.

Four hours later, Michael waltzed in the house like nothing happened. It was exactly three hours before the wedding! I asked him where he was all morning. I went for a walk. He was wearing the same outfit from the night before, but it looked different, almost dirty. Are you accusing me of cheating or something? I promised him that I wouldn’t accuse him of such a thing because I know he’d never do it. You still sound like you don’t believe me. He yelled about how I never trust him and how I’m probably cheating on him. You smell like another man. He put some sense back into me though. I guess I sounded like I was accusing him and I was wrong. Clean up your face and put on some makeup.

When the wedding march played, I strutted down the aisle. Everyone was astonished by how beautiful I looked. My $10k Vera Wang looked stunning on me. I tried my best not to limp. Everyone envied me. I was about to marry the perfect man.

This one was a little hard to write… I watched  hours of Say Yes to the Dress and came up with this idea. I hope you enjoyed it.


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