Story #10

My paper is due this Friday. It’s Wednesday. Theoretically, I have exactly 48 hours until I absolutely have to turn it in. If I subtract the 6 hours I’ll sleep tonight and tomorrow, I have 36 hours to type my paper. I would usually subtract the amount of time it’ll take me to eat each meal, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll probably type while I eat anyways.

I open my laptop and prepare to type my 10-page final. First, I open Word. That’s necessary, right? I take out all my notes from the class and the requirements for the paper. What you must know is that I’m easily distracted and a bit of a procrastinator. My professor assigned this paper to us two weeks ago. After I type my cover page and heading, I immediately become bored. Hello, Facebook! I scroll through the feed for what only seems like a few minutes. When I look at the time, an hour and a half had already passed. Shit! Back to work…

10 minutes later
*DING!* A message pops up on my cell phone just as I’m really getting into the groove of things. I try to ignore the fact that I just received a text, but the little light keeps blinking. It’s begging me to check it. I type a few more words before I grab my phone and quickly scan the text. It’s from my best friend.

Sup, biotch! House party tonight. Meet at my place around 11pm?

It’s already 9:40pm! I could probably knock out one page of my paper before I get ready and leave. I reply and set a 40 minute timer on my phone. I have one paragraph complete by the time my alarm goes off. Shit! I still had a little over 33 hours left, again not including 12 hours of sleep spread over the two nights. No worries.

I feel like running a marathon. I drank more than I should have, but I had so much fun! As soon as I hit my bed, I crash. I could pick up where I left off on my paper later. I set my alarm for 8am so I wouldn’t get any more than 6 hours.

FUCK! I slept for 8 hours! That means that I can’t sleep any more than 4 hours if I don’t finish my paper today. I should’ve majored in mathematics with all the calculations I do. I walk to my bathroom and I look like trash. Then, I have the urge to vomit. Just great. How the hell am I supposed to focus when I feel queasy and I have a migraine?! I go back to my room, take out my laptop, and crash while I wait for the computer to turn on.

I wake up and I’m starving. I decide to eat before I continue to work on my paper. Looks like I’ll only be getting a one hour power nap tonight. I scarf down left over pasta and guzzle 2 cups of water.

Okay, you can do this. Just focus. My brain knows what it has to do. Fortunately, I left all my notes out from the night before. I try to turn on my laptop, but the battery light blinks. I frantically look for my laptop charger and, after a few minutes, remember leaving it in my car. I walk outside my apartment and my car is nowhere to be found. You’ve got to be kidding. I send a quick text to Jana:

Yo! Are you up? ☹ I have no idea where I left my 🚘!!!

40 minutes later
Duh! You left it at my place! I just woke up. Give me an hour and I’ll come pick you up.

Fantastic. Dead computer = dead meat. I only had a little less than 30 hours left WITHOUT getting any sleep. I wait for Jana. After an hour and a half I call her.

Hey, this is Jana. Leave a–

I hang up. Her phone is off or dead which means she totally went back to sleep. Guess I’ll have to call an Uber. GREAT!

I’m sleepy and this story could last forever with multiple obstacles or whatever else gets thrown in my character’s way. I’m sleepy. I think this whole writing every day process will get easier once my summer starts. Good night and good luck.


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