Story #8

Imagine growing up and never really feeling anything. You were taught that if you fall down, you get up. You see other little boys cry when they scrape their knees, but you never manage to cry or emote anything for that matter. Even then, your mom always brushed you off and nothing was there, not even a bruise. You thought that you were invincible.

Every now and then you stare at yourself in the mirror. You could stand there for hours and focus on every minor detail of your face. Sometimes you don’t even think you’re real. Growing up, you would tell your mom these things, but she’d always laugh and say, “Then what are ya, an alien or something?” This always tickled you.

It wasn’t until you were 26 years old when you really started thinking that you were different. You have a girlfriend and you think you love her because she loves you and its supposed to be reciprocal. The odd thing is that when she cries, you feel nothing. You know what you should do, but you don’t feel anything. It’s even worse when you’re with a crowd of people. They laugh and seem to feel happy and you feel…nothing. You’re  not depressed or anxious or happy or anything. You’re just there.

One day after a shower, you do the mirror thing again. This time you study your eyes. They seem right, but then you notice it. There’s a reflection in your pupil that seems off. You touch your eye ball and immediately blink. You think nothing is wrong until you look at your arms. Something seems so peculiar about them. You rub your left hand back and forth over your right arm until the skin begins to peel. You rub with such vigor, but you don’t feel anything. You peel off layers of skin until you see it: metal.

You think you should freak out, but don’t really know what to do. Before you decide to call your mom, she’s  already in front of your apartment, knocking on your door. You open it and immediately show her your arm. She tells you to sit down, so you do as she says.

She fiddles with your neck a bit and you fall asleep. When you wake up, you’re lying in your bed. You remember your metal arm and look down, only to see your skin. You call your mom and she sounds fine. You decide to lay back down and go to sleep.

Meanwhile, your mom is at home. She sees that the camera shut down. She sighs and opens a file on her computer titled “memories.” She deletes the metal arm memory and keeps the phone call memory. She tweaks the memories some more to add that you scraped your arm once and blood came out. She also deletes the camera pupil memory. You can’t know that she’s watching. She saves the file and steps away from her computer. The first few weeks were almost successful, but her experiment still needed more work. It needed to think it was human.

I’m sure there’s a few discrepancies in the story. The important thing is that I wrote. I decided to use 2nd person point of view this time. BAM! Use your context clues; infer for me. What are you?


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