Story #1

If Adam and Eve were damaged from the beginning, then Daniel and I were destined for destruction. The Bible basically laid out for us what not to do, and yet we did it all. The seven deadly sins were merely numbers in our book.

TOAD avarice

Just as I saw him, he saw me. I was at a company gathering when I spotted him across from me at the bar. I could tell from a mile away that he was dressed in an Italian cotton Benton suit. He looked like money. He had sleek, black hair and dreamy eyes. I gave him an intense, sensual stare and he in turn winked at me.  As the bartender went up to him, the glorious specimen whispered something in his ear and the bartender brought me a martini. “Complements of the gentleman over there.” I tipped my glass towards him, took a sip, and walked away. I knew he would be staring at me. Before I could leave the venue, he placed his hand on the small of my back and asked, “What is your name?” I looked down at his hand, noting the Bulgari watch resting on his wrist and replied, “You’ll find out soon enough.” He smelled like money, and even though I was rolling in it, I loved being near the familiar scent. He handed me his card. “Call me when you’re ready for me to find out.” I looked up at him, smiled, and proceeded to strut to my car. Once I was in the backseat, I looked at the card which read, “Daniel Remmington: CEO of Remmington Financial.” There was a contact number and email listed below that. It had been awhile since I had encountered arm candy wealthier than me, but I was willing and ready to pounce on my next prey.

SNAKE envy

About two weeks passed before I decided to contact Daniel. I had my people call his office and set up a lunch for the afternoon. When I arrived at the restaurant, Daniel was already there. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, sitting at a table outside the restaurant.  As I walked over, he stood up and pulled out my chair. He was such a gentleman. “I’m glad you finally decided to contact me. I was afraid that you weren’t interested.”

“Just because I’m here doesn’t mean I’m interested in you, Daniel.” I tried to sound coy, but I was failing. I couldn’t remember him being this attractive the first night we met. “What I really wanted to know,” I continued, “is why you were at my company’s gathering. According to your card, you own Remmington Financial.” Before Daniel could reply, our waitress came over and asked if we were ready to order. She was obviously eyeing every inch of his body which was hugged securely by his suit. She even touched his biceps just to tell him that he made a good choice. I tried to look nonchalant. It’s not like he belonged to me…yet.

Once she bounced away, Daniel said, “I’m interested in you. I know that you own the Lawrence Financial Company and that your name is Emily Lawrence. I want to know you.” He took a sip of his water and clenched his teeth as it ran down his throat, accentuating his strong jawline. It took everything in me not to throw myself at him right then and there. “Looks like you already know everything,” I reply. He winks at me, just like he did the night we met. Conversation continues as we eat until the bill arrives. Whore waitress trails her badly manicured fingers down his arm and says, “Come and see us again sometime,” completely ignoring the fact that someone else is there. My blood boils. Daniel foots the bill and as we leave, I see that the waitress wrote her name and number on the receipt. “Call me tonight.” I give him my card with my number on it.

The end. Tired of writing this f*cking story. Add your own twists, or the OTHER FIVE DEADLY SINS. I have school tomorrow. You know, raising America’s youths not to be crappy adults and what not.


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